Are you traveling to Costa Rica for a week?

Trust us. It will be a dream come true for nature lovers. 

Costa Rica is a beautiful destination to discover on a week-long vacation. Even though this might sense like a quick time to explore the city, seven days offer you sufficient time to see the highlights of it. Relatively smooth to get around, particularly with a chauffeur to help you navigate it. But, the neighborhood buses are a great alternative if you are traveling on a budget. Right here is a way to spend seven days in this paradise. Whether traveling solo or with your own family, test out our best-endorsed itinerary for a week-long trip. 

Day 1

Start the adventure at Rincon de la Vieja country-wide Park 

This park is a must-visit destination when you are in Guanacaste Province.

At over 34,000 acres, Rincón de la Vieja has room for two volcanoes, 32 rivers and streams, and an incredible variety of flora and fauna. There are several exciting activities to enjoy at the park, such as hiking, horseback riding, hot springs, swimming, picnicking, and camping.

Day 2

Santa Elena or Monteverde: Cloud Forest Night Walking Tour

Discover the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Preserve as it comes to life at night during this guided walking tour, as creatures awaken for the night. Observe the habits of nocturne mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, and amphibians. Revel in a mystical adventure through a lovely forest.

Day 3

Zipline in Rincon de la Vieja

Get The Most Adventurous experience Full Day Volcanic Tour On Rincon De La Vieja Zipline Through The Canopy & Canyons & Relax With Volcanic Mud.

Day 4

Explore Tamarindo seashore and take a dip into its heat waters

Tamarindo is a must-have in your Costa Rica itinerary. Tamarindo is a city that has all the things for outdoor excursions, art, culture, great food, diversity, and vibrant nightlife. If you want a couple of stories on how much action there is in Tamarindo.

Day 5   

Spend a free day at Tamarindo seashore

One of our favorite Tamarindo day trips! Indeed, this is a place where active volcanoes join boiling mud pots and misty cloud forest tops with refreshing waterfalls. It is a perfect combination of natural wonders and scenic beauty, conveniently – and closely – distilled into one destination.

Day 6

Sundown sailing at Tamarindo 

Take a loose sunset sail from Tamarindo to a hidden beach. Silently glide along Costa Rica’s Gold Coast while passing some of Guanacaste’s exotic bays.

On the final day (7th day)

Go back to Liberia. 

It is nicknamed “The White City” (“La Ciudad Blanca”) 

Due to its whitewashed colonial buildings. Founded in the 18th century, it has an impressive whitewashed church with Spanish colonial architecture. The city also features a fabulous array of restaurants serving food from all over the world.

This smooth-going excursion is best for tourists who want to experience the city’s pristine coasts and rainforests. A perfect blend of nature and adventure, this journey lets you combine the best of both worlds. 

Stuff your whole week with the delightful adventure-packed tour.

We assure you that this one-week itinerary will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and your family. Discover this journey with Jaco Royale. You deserve the best, and we offer the best of premium services and ensure you have a memorable experience in Costa Rica.