The Gastronomic Journey Of Guanacaste

Beyond the travel experience, every place has a story to tell to the travellers through its culinary journey. Costa Rica has woven its own gastronomic journey and it’s the one to remember! And yes, totally drool-worthy too! Not heard by many, the typical Costa Rican food is something you cannot miss, with authentic flavours and spices as well as sauces to complete every dish. A beach town called Guanacaste, on the west coast of Costa Rica is filled with traditional restaurants and hidden gems too. Let’s take you on a delicious food ride!

Local Favourites Of Costa Rica

Costa Rican cuisine starts with the Casado, a typical meal that is loved and cooked in every household in the country. It consists mainly of red beans, white rice and red pepper with onion and fried plantain, accompanied by a cabbage salad with tomatoes and carrots. You can also add different types of meat and fish to devour this authentic dish. Another one to add to your list is the Ceviche, with the main ingredient being raw fish like tilapia or local croaker. Chopped and marinated with citrus juices, herbs and veggies are added to this marinade. 

If you love a filling breakfast, opt for the Gallo Pinto! White rice mixed with red beans, are served in corn tortillas and filled with this protein mixture and eggs (either fried or scrambled), minced meat and, of course, fried plantain. This meal is a real load of energy to kick-start your day right! And of course, if you are at the beach in Guanacaste, beat the heat with Chan, the most famous coffee here or maybe try a Natural Soda for adventure!

Food Is A Traveller’s Love Language

Travelling also includes trying and learning about new cuisines, finding local places and discovering eateries which are unknown to the resident crowds as well. Exploring through food is beautiful, you get to learn so much about a place and the rich culture it holds. And Guanacaste is known to have some of the best traditional eateries, so if you are in town, there is no reason for you to miss it!

Highly Recommended Hotspots Of Guanacaste

If you are bored of the hotel or vacation home food, walk into Café Y Macadamia, a must try restaurant in Guanacaste where everything is locally sourced and fresh. From international plates to Costa Rican dishes, they serve tantalizingly delicious smoothies, coffee and juices too. Love boutique style restaurants? Swing by Villa Deevena which is truly a hidden gem, tucked away in this surf town! They have an impressive wine and cocktail menu, delicious appetizers, and as fresh as you can get seafood. This is a local’s special occasion type of restaurant and would be highly recommended to anyone visiting the area.

If you are into bistro vibe places, go to Walter’s Fish and Cheese in Guanacaste and you are bound to fall in love with the whole space! Having a few chairs in the front, enjoy a mug of beer with live music and munch on some small plate specials. This is a local favourite too! To experience the traditional Costa Rican soda, head to Soda Las Palmas! Here, you will not be able to stop yourself from indulging in the local food, the aroma will pull you in! And to grab some bakery items or coffee, stop by the Stop Café!

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