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Medical Tourism Destinations around the Globe

May 2, 2020

Whether you are looking for specialized treatment or are just considering adding medical care in your travel itinerary, finding countries that offer the best medical tourism in the world can be a great way to get the most out of your trip.

Medical tourism is a growing trend among individuals across the globe. Unlike years back, when it involved patients traveling from less developed nations to developed ones, people are now moving from developed nations to the less developed ones for a range of reasons. One of those reasons is cost. Most of these countries offer premium medical care at incredibly lower rates. Besides, there’s the aspect of increased marketing. Thanks to the internet, consumers are now more aware of the availability of these services.

But don’t get it twisted; the fact that the medical cost is affordable doesn’t mean that the quality of services is poor. Today, the advances in medical technology and research have leveled the playing ground in the medical field. Countries that offer the best medical tourism in the world have highly qualified staff. In fact, their doctors are doing the same things that doctors in developed nations are doing. This is because the doctors and surgeons usually go through the same education and training as their counterparts – in their countries and sometimes in other continents.

Additionally, patients appreciate the exceptional service found in foreign facilities. Asians and Filipinos, for instance, are known for their warmness and hospitability. Medical hubs like Hong Kong, India, Thailand, and Singapore have an overflow of adequately-trained registered nurses to care for patients compared to other developed worlds. And to top it all up, the leading tourist hospitals don’t have too many appointments and commitments, so they have enough time to dedicate to their patients.

Above all, there is the aspect of travel. Medical tourism worldwide allows you to kills two birds with one stone. The fact that you are traveling to a foreign land gives you the chance to explore the attractions and destinations. You can take advantage of any free time to explore. Medical tourism is one of the reasons patients (especially those seeking wellness treatments or cosmetic surgery) look forward to an operation. So, if you are thinking about traveling to another country to receive better medical care, then here are some suggestions to help point you in the right direction.


This emerging nation is a significant player in the medical tourism sector as it strives to over high-end solutions using advanced technology. The most significant advantage of traveling to India for treatment is the cost. Patients save anything from 65% to 90% on medical expenses when they go to India from the US. There’s also the advantage of close to zero waiting time. Popular treatments in India include organ transplants, orthopedic surgery, fertility care, and cardiac surgery. Other than treatment and care, India is a travel destination rich with architecture and beautiful scenery.


Brazil is a trailblazer in Latin America in healthcare delivery, according to WHO. It has not only 43 JCI approved hospitals, but also world-renowned surgeons. Brazil is the center for plastic and cosmetic surgery and ranks third after the US and China for people looking for those procedures. Like India, Brazil offers the best care at affordable rates.


This is yet another common destination for medical tourism, especially for US citizens, thanks to the proximity. For the most part, patients from the US and other parts of the globe travel to Mexico for dental care. But the country is also a top destination for surgeries and weight-loss treatments.


Singapore is widely known to offer high-end medical care services. Its government pumps in lots of resources to ensure its healthcare facilities are centers of excellence. Singapore is a leading destination for oncology, gastroenterology, cardiology, and even organ transplants.


Like Brazil, many patients flock to Thailand for cosmetic procedures. Bangkok, it’s the capital city, is a hub of world-class hospitals for medical tourists. What’s more, these hospitals offer solutions at less than 50% of the cost that US hospitals charge.


Malaysia is a top destination for medical tourism, thanks to its first-class medical facilities and teams and also welcoming people. Not to mention the fact that the country’s vast population speaks English. Malaysia offers affordable medical care, especially when it comes to burn and fertility treatments.


Turkey is the go-to destination for patients who do not want to wait for weeks or months before their treatment ensues. The country boasts of zero waiting times, so one can get the care whenever they want to. Turkey is highly sought after for orthopedic surgery, genomic medicine, transplant surgery, neurosurgery, and radiation therapy for cancer.


If you are searching for the best medical tourism in the world, you shouldn’t look far away from these countries because they all promise first-class solutions at affordable rates.